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Gastown Store Closure

As many of you know, a terrible fire destroyed the Gastown heritage building, the Winters Hotel, on April 11, 2022. A number of businesses, including Gowon Cafe, Bruce Eyewear, Lemongrass, Roldorf & Co, Nika Custom Imports, Flying Pig and the Australian Boot Company that were located in this structure have permanently closed.

We were unable to access our stores and shortly after the fire what remained of the building was torn down, ostensibly for safety reasons.

We fought hard to make our street beautiful, safe and welcoming. The Gastown community has been incredibly supportive, as have our community of clients, suppliers, family and friends. We regret the impact on our fellow businesses in the “collapse zone,” as they found creative ways to continue to do business. Thank you to the Vancouver Firefighters and the Vancouver Police for their hard work.

One day at a time.

Bruised but not broken.

Our Main Street store remains fully operational and we very much hope to see you there!

With gratitude, Nada xo